Raptor Road Trip

Saturday was the Audubon Society's annual Raptor Road Trip on Sauvie Island - an event we have been eagerly anticipating all year.  It did not disappoint - the weather was gorgeous and we managed to spot several large birds of prey and their nests throughout the day. 

Bald eagle nests are the biggest of any bird in North America.  They can weigh up to a ton! 

Two immature bald eagles: 

 They don't get the white head like this one until about five years of age.

Another one in action:

A sharp shinned hawk:

A red tailed hawk:

And Elliot's highlight of the day - finding an owl pellet on the ground.  Once he started looking he found about twenty.  Guess what we're doing this afternoon?

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  1. Did Elliot tell you about seeing the bald eagle flying at tree top level while we were driving in Monday morning?