Salamander hunting in Tryon Creek.


Cave Paintings

Inspired by the cave paintings of Lascaux, we tried making our own paints with carrots, beets and dirt.


Highlights from the week that was

Not one but two (count 'em!) solo thrifting excursions!
A date downtown with Elliot for a show and lunch.
A girls night out with friends.
Dinner with our neighbors.
A night out with Tim to see my brother's band.
Krispy Kreme for lunch with the boys. 


Bird booking

Still plugging away on the bird book Elliot started making in September.


Red tail

Elliot's interest in birds is still going strong.   Last week we were outside and heard the tell-tell shriek of a hawk flying overhead.   I managed to get this picture before it flew out of sight but of course it's too far away to see any defining characteristics.

Later when I got home I enlarged it and played around with the settings to get a more detailed pic, and sure enough - there's the trademark red tail feathers of the red-tailed hawk.



On a neighborhood walk this week, we came across evidence of some very busy beavers. 

About a quarter mile down we found the dam and the lodge.

Then we came home and tried to make our own beaver dam. 


Snow Day

It was fun while it lasted.